Central Interceptor Project  – Basalt rock site materials recycled

Central Interceptor Project – Basalt rock site materials recycled


Green Vision engaged with Ghella/Abergeldie Joint Venture (GAJV) who are contracted to build Watercare's Central Interceptor project. This large wastewater tunnel is 4.5 meres in diameter and will 14.7 kilometres from Grey Lynn under central Auckland and the Manukau Harbour to the Mangere Waste Water Treatment Plant.

It is a complex multisite project that has a need for both temporary and permanent civil installations The project spoil manager identified there was a significant amount of basalt from the drilling of the shafts and a number of temporary formworks that need to be removed.


The basalt removed can be reprocessed into graded aggregates by Green Vision that can be used for small to medium size projects as well as larger projects such as CRL where we have had the reclaimed, recycled and repurposed basalt tested and approved for use as an alternative to finite quarried products that are shipped more the 50 kilometres from quarries on the Auckland City outer boundaries.

With the temporary concrete form work Green Vision have received significant volumes material for recycling which remove the need for disposal at landfill.


+ Lower carbon footprint outcomes for all Aucklander’s while essential infrastructure is being built to support a growing city’s environmental demand.

+ Diversion from landfill to reduce truck movements and finite resource use.

+ The supply of a wider range of recycled products for principals, consultants, and project managers to choose from.

+ An important increase in the utilisation of a dedicated resource focused on sustainability.

Added Value

+ Reduction of materials sent to landfill
+ Lower carbon emissions due to short distance from recovery site to recycling facility.
+Lower costs

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